Über Anti-Inflammatory

The New Zealand Greenlip Mussel

Essential fatty acids are important building blocks for our body but the body cannot produce them; we have to take them in through our diet. The benefit of essential fatty acids is widely recognized. They lower inflammation by tying up the enzymes that cause inflammation. Inflammation is said to be the root cause of any disease.
The most known Omega-3 fatty acids are from marine oils (DHA and EPA) and from plant oils (ALA). DHA and EPA are the two Omega-3’s that come from fish oil and have been heavily researched and published over the years. The anti-inflammatory benefits from fish oil are modest and relatively large amounts of oil have to be taken. That’s the reasons the fish oil capsules are large and the products are often distinguished and chosen by physician and patients based on the amount of oil (mg) per capsule.
Contrary to fish oil, the NZ Greenlip Mussel is the Über Anti-Inflammatory because it contains rare Omega-3 fatty acids, most importantly a unique component called ETA. This Omega-3 cannot only reduce inflammation but prevent it by blocking the inflammatory pathways. This “dual approach” leads to significantly better results than other anti-inflammatories. Furthermore, the Greenlip mussel oil is so potent, that small doses of oil suffice, which results in small and easy to swallow capsules.
The Greenlip mussels are unique to New Zealand. They sustainably farmed in the clean waters of New Zealand.
The FREZZOR Greenlip mussel anti-inflammatory can be traced to the source and the entire process – farming, harvesting, powder creation and the proprietary oil extraction is permanently monitored at highest quality standards.

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