Bust Through Low Productivity

Let’s be real, our productivity is not always what we would like it to be nor what it should be. There are many possible reasons such as lack of motivation, sleep, exercise, emotions or simply a lack of energy. What if there were a way to reduce your mental and physical fatigue – naturally?

I have found FREZZOR FREEDOM to be a productivity booster. A can of VITALITY mid-morning provides a gentle boost, slowly ramping up my activity and concentration to move from task to task. Early to mid-afternoon a can of FOCUS helps to maintain my stamina into the evening.

FREEDOM is hydration from New Zealand, completely natural with the added benefit of Vitamins B, C and D plus antioxidants.



The Perfect Pair

The Perfect Pair

Chronic inflammation is considered the root cause for many diseases. Nutrition is a key-factor for chronic inflammation. Specifically the imbalance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which effects the cells and thus the entire body… For example, processed foods are full of Omega-6 fatty acids and cause the imbalance. Eating foods that are rich in Omega-3 such as bell pepper, fish, olive oil, tomatoes, nuts, etc. helps to balance the body’s fatty acids.
Summarizing: Avoid processed foods and make an effort to add the full spectrum of Omega-3 rich foods to your daily diet. It is always important to look at the source of the food and how it is grown. No matter how rich in Omega-3 a products is, if it is contaminated it is harmful. An effective and clean Omega-3 supplement is FREZZOR OMEGA-3 BLACK. It comes from the Green-Lip mussel grown off the coast of New Zealand. The Green-Lip mussel is the only known source that provides all 18 Omega-3 fatty acids.

Anti-oxidants protect the cells from free-radicals (caused by food, environment, stress, lack of sleep…) by binding the excess electrons. Some research indicates that our body makes anti-oxidants during physical activity and that might be one reason for the health benefits of regular exercise. In addition, eating a variety of anti-oxidant rich food helps in eliminating free radicals. It is important to note that there is not a single “do-it-all” anti-oxidant to fight free radicals.
Summarizing: Reducing stress, getting enough sleep, regular exercise and eating real (versus processed) and uncontaminated food helps the body to fight diseases and promotes healthy aging. A convenient, delicious and refreshing addition to your daily routine is the FREZZOR FREEDOM drinks .It provides a mix of anti-oxidants with ingredients from New Zealand.

FREZZOR Omega-3 Black and FREZZOR FREEDOM Vitality.



FREEDOM Vitality and Focus Drinks

Your Kind of Energy Drink

Get the Buzz – the FREEDOM Buzz.  Fresh from New Zealand, packed with vitamins and antioxidants. FOCUS-WHITE keeps you engaged; VITALITY-BLACK invigorates.

Need Energy – Drink FREEDOM


Caffeine from green tea extract
Vitamins B, C, and D
Refreshing Lime Flavor
A single can of PURE VITALITY provides the recommended daily dose of vitamin B1, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12 and vitamin C.

FOCUS-WHITE Keeps you Engaged
Caffeine Free
Vitamins C and D
Refreshing Berry Flavor
A single can of PURE FOCUS provides the recommended daily dose of 100% natural vitamin C.

APPEL – “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This proverb is based on the health benefits of apples. Apples are rich in vitmains, antioxidants and minerals such as potassium and magnesium.
LIME – Lime is a nutrient-rich citrus fruit. Full of minerals and contains a high level of vitamin C.
GREEN TEA EXTRACT –L-Theanin in green tea causes the body to dispense caffeine slowly and maintain it longer. Be invigorated.
BLACKCURRANT –„small but powerful“. These berries are well known in medicine. High in vitamin C and anthocyanin (reduce cholesterol, obesity, prevent colds, cancer…). Anthocyanin gives the berries the nice dark color.

GRAPESEED EXTRACT –Contains (OPC), natural plant based bitter compounds, which are known as the most powerful antioxidants.

BOYSENBERRY-EXTRACT –Boysenberry is a cross-breed between raspberry and blackberry. They are full of B vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphor, folic acid.

RED GRAPE SKIN-EXTRACT –Resveratrol, a bioactive polyphenol, makes the the skin of red grapes extra beneficial.

KIWI FRUIT EXTRACT –Kiwi fruits are not only delicious but they have an enormous vitamin C content in addition to having protective antioxidants and probiotic fibers.

BIO-ACEROLA –This nutrient rich fruit is believed to have the highest vitamin c content of any plant. Vitamin C is vital and a powerful antioxidant.


FREEDOM A Healthy Way to Stay Alert and Awake

“Hi John,

Shirley just started a couple of months ago and is loving the product.  She got her husband on the Omega-3s and he is seeing great results too.

She is very excited about the Freedom Drinks because her husband works the graveyard shift and needs a healthy way to stay alert and awake, so please add her to the list of people to notify about Freedom!”

September 8, 2018